Common Cleaning Mistakes You Should Stop Making!

When it comes to cleaning, every little helps, right? Well, actually... Whilst your home or work space may look sparkling, you could actually be spreading germs around and doing more harm than good. Yes, cleaning should make your home or work space look great, but it should also be clean, otherwise, you're defeating the purpose. Stop doing these common mistakes for a healthier space:

1. Don't use old sponges

Old doesn't mean a few months, old actually means after three/four uses. Bacteria grows on sponges very quickly and if used, will spread to all other surfaces. Keep them clean by putting them in the microwave for one minute, and/or putting them through the dishwasher on a dry cycle on a daily basis. But when the sponge starts to smell, replace it altogether!

2. Dishwasher Etiquette

If you're placing your forks facing downwards in the dishwasher, you're stopping the hot water getting to the food that may be stuck on them. Place forks handle-up, and knives handle-down so they're getting cleaned, and you won't cut yourself on the knives when taking them out afterwards. 

3. Toilet Brush Holders

Do you put your toilet brush away in the holder when it's still wet? This is a massive no-no. Think about all of the germs that will be harbouring in the wet toilet brush, and therefore in the holder. After cleaning, place the toilet brush between the closed toilet seat and the bowl so any excess can drip into the toilet whilst it dries (usually around 20 minutes) before you put it away. Also, give the holder a wipe down every now and then to remove any build-up of bacteria.