Christmas Preparation Cleaning Tips

Christmas is almost here! Whether you're giving your office a deep-clean before the New Year or preparing your home for the festivities, these cleaning tips are vital for this time of year.

Stock Up

Whilst you're out doing your Christmas shopping, stock up on laundry detergent and cleaning products (like quick-fix carpet cleaners)  for any emergencies. Spilled mulled wine on carpets, cranberry sauce on your Christmas jumper - make sure you're prepared with all the products ready for the party season to begin!

Turkey Roasting

Around the 20th December, give your oven a really good clean, and if possible, your entire kitchen. Food preparation is one of the biggest things that happen around Christmas time, so make sure your space is ready well beforehand so you won't be as stressed when the time comes. But remember - always make sure your oven is cold before you start to clean it. 

Sort-out Old Food

Throwing out any food you don't want to eat or that which has gone out of date is a priority leading up to Christmas. This ensures your kitchen area is as clean and healthy as possible (and you make room for all the new yummy Christmas foods!)

Merry Christmas from all at AHC!