5 Reasons Why a Clean Workspace is a Happy Workplace

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Cleaning is one of those things that everybody has to do and whilst everyone has an idea of the basics, not everybody knows just how important a clean space can be. In no particular order of importance, here are the reasons why having a clean office is important:

  • It creates a good impression
    Having a clean office is a good indicator of how the organisation works as a whole. Walking into a clean reception or office area instantly makes the company look good to customers and visitors, instilling confidence that the company takes pride in their space and what they do.
  • A build-up of dust can be dangerous
    Dust builds up in every office space, so it must be managed and removed on a regular basis. Dust can affect people who have allergies, it can increase the likelihood of fires, it creates an attractive home for pests and it increases the likelihood of bacteria spreading. Dry dusting is a good way to remove dust, but using certain products can also reduce the build-up, keeping your area cleaner for longer.   
  • To prevent infection and disease
    Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons for cleaning, regularly decontaminating and thoroughly cleaning your surfaces, particularly in Kitchen and Toilet areas can reduce the risk of harmful bacteria, germs and viruses affecting your employees and visitors.
  • Clean, dry floors prevents trips and falls
    Of course some slips and falls are inevitable, but regularly cleaning your floors can prevent unnecessary trips, particularly in Kitchen areas where liquids may be spilt. 
  • Disposal of waste and recyclable materials keeps the space clutter-free
    Regularly disposing of all waste, whether it is a smelly kitchen bin or a barely-used office bin, can vastly improve the appearance, safety and smell of your office. Ensuring all rubbish bags are taken away from the office and disposed of correctly and safely, not only creates a better looking and smelling environment for your employees and visitors, but it can also prevent somebody from tripping. 

There are plenty more reasons why you should be ensuring your office space is clean and free of dust, germs and viruses, but these are some of the most important. A clean workspace means a happier space for you and your employees, not to mention the great impression it will give to your visitors. To get started, check out our top tips on Why Autumn is the New "Spring Clean."