3 Pro Cleaning Tips You Can Steal

Cleaning can be a chore and if you don't know what you're doing, it can be ineffective too. We've collected the five best professional cleaning tips you can adapt yourself to ensure your cleaning habits are as effective as they can be!

1. Visualise

If you visualise the space you're cleaning in terms of grids, and work from top-to-bottom, you won't miss any bits and you'll do each area once - we've all had moments where we've cleaned something twice having forgotten it had already been done! This tip can be used on small areas, like counter tops, or large areas like floors. 

2. Use unusual supplies

There are many supplies you can use for cleaning, but some of them aren't necessary built for purpose. For example, using washable cloth baby diapers are perfect for cleaning glass, polishing off sinks and granite counter tops - they add a great shine and help you use fewer paper towels.

There are also cheaper alternatives in unusual places - microfiber cloths are great at polishing off, but if you head to the automotive section of the store, they're much cheaper than they are in the cleaning section. 

3. Do a little, often

Cleaning can seem like a big task, so if you do little areas each day, it can make a big difference to your home or work space. Make a list of the areas you have got to cover, and start at the largest/most needed areas, so you feel like you've accomplished more.

Extra tip - If cleaning just isn't for you, but you want a clean space - we'll be happy to do it for you! Call us now on 01484 541723